“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  – Helen Keller

     A friendly work environment is a vital aspect in any business. The environment in which
we work affects how we work. Establishing a family friendly atmosphere solidifies a foundation
of trust.

     In the past, we have been short an assistant. This created an inconvenience in our work
flow. The remaining employees came together as a team, to help fill the void. The assistants
rearranged their schedules to make sure that all areas were covered. Seeing each other as
family, they genuinely wanted to help. I think the fact that the employees are willing to devote
their time is the greatest example of a team oriented environment.

     Building strong relationships in and outside of work makes for a relaxing work
atmosphere. Employees with strong friendships have one another’s back, and do not judge
each other. We lift each other up when we are down, and celebrate wins together. One sole
employee cannot hold up the practice alone, but together as a team it stands strong.

     As an employer, my biggest challenge is building a great team. It takes time and
persistence to get the right people in the right place. If you listen to your team, and make
decisions based upon their best interests you will have a team that will go above and beyond
any expectations you may set forth.