img_4793“The measure of your success will be the measure of your generosity” -Pope John Paul II
You cannot give away good. Whether you have heard this statement before or not, take a second to reread and think about it. Doing good and being generous always seems to come back in multiples. People often times do not understand the power of generosity. Whether it is bonuses, time, or financial gifts, we strive to be generous in all aspects of our practice. As an employer, I try to set an example of generosity. The result is a team that consistently goes above and beyond for each other, our patients, and our community.

We give back to the community in various ways. Sullivan Dentistry holds an annual 5k donating all proceeds to the Walk of Hope cancer society. Quarterly patient appreciation events have included a trunk or treat, movie night, cook out, and catered dinner with live music. Gift baskets and breakfasts are routinely hand delivered, by a staff member, to numerous businesses each week. Fifty dollars in dental bucks are also given to each employee monthly. They are allowed to donate this toward the services for a patient in need. Many patients have benefited from the dental bucks in having work completed that they would not have prior to the financial help.

Sullivan Dentistry’s 5th annual Dentistry from the Heart was held on September 9th of 2016. Dentistry from the heart is a worldwide non-profit organization. Multiple events are dedicated to provide a day of free dental care to individuals in need (About Dentistry from The Heart). This day is a team effort, and the employees participate on a donation basis. It is always a hectic and hard day with big rewards. Patients started lining up as early as the night before. By the morning of, there were forty-five to fifty people waiting. This year we helped 72 patients, and a total of $22,203 in dental work was completed at no cost to the patient. The gratitude is overwhelming. Just to see how various lives are touched makes every moment worthwhile. Over the past 5 years during the Dentistry from the Heart, 450 patients have been seen, and a grand total of $118,022 in dental work. Through our training as oral health providers, we are blessed with the skills and training to provide life changing care to our patients. Go out and do something unexpected for someone today. Pay it forward.

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