opportunityFor most new dentists, one of the major concerns after finishing school is… “Will I have the autonomy to practice dentistry the way I want?”.  Every dentist will have their own opinion about how a particular patient’s treatment should be completed.  This is often based on the dentist’s style of practice, along with his or her background and continuing education limitations.

Our number one priority is to provide quality treatment to our patients.  Here at Sullivan Dentistry, we are continuously searching for dentists to aid in treating patients at our growing practice.  Located in the heart of Union City, our office has provided dental care for forty-six years.  We now have a staff of twenty-four; including three doctors, five hygienists, and multiple expanded function dental assistants.

That being said, at Sullivan Dentistry, we all practice quality dentistry while keeping the best interests of the patient in mind.  It is not my responsibility or place to dictate to a dentist exactly the treatment that should be rendered in any given situation.  My sole responsibility is to see that I set my entire team up for success.

If you are interested in practicing dentistry at our office, we welcome the opportunity to share our goals and values with you. Contact Dr. Gabe Sullivan at 731-885-2277, or email gabrielsullivan@bellsouth.net.