image1Upon finishing dental school, it is obviously a big decision as to where to go. There is no question that there are multiple opportunities for dentists. The most obvious of these opportunities are the numerous corporate dental jobs available. Most of the openings are in middle to large sized towns with nice benefit packages. However, it is often overlooked as to the jobs that may be available in small towns and communities. The offices in these towns will many times offer an income potential that will greatly outperform that of the opportunities in larger towns.
Sullivan Dentistry is a prime example of a great opportunity in a small town. With tremendous patient flow and a highly skilled, hardworking team even a new graduate can produce high numbers. At Sullivan Dentistry, we go above and beyond to provide our dentists with the tools necessary to be a success.
When it comes time to make your decision of where to practice, keep an open mind. If treating patients in a small town family atmosphere with a team of twenty people backing you is something you would like to consider, contact us about your opportunity.