practicepositiveAs stated by Gautama Buddha, “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”  The power of positivity is an important piece to becoming and staying successful.  No matter your role in the practice, we all need to assume control of our circumstances rather than be directed by them.

Our attitude, be it good or bad, affects all the people around us, including patients and other staff members.  One way in which we practice positivity at Sullivan Dentistry is staying in our “bubble”.  We were trained in this term by the Scheduling Institute.  You might be wondering… what is the bubble?  Our bubble is only focusing on the things within our control.  Staying in your “bubble” involves avoiding conversations or media that might promote negativity.  Politics, weather, gas prices, taxes, and often social media are all examples of topics that should be evaded.  The goal is to project our positivity to our patients to help them feel at ease.  This is virtually impossible if they are being agitated by their environment.  A waiting room with no news on the television and a positive, outgoing team goes lengths to accomplish this.

We practice our bubble not only with our patients but with one another, as well.  An uplifting work environment builds the staff up for success, and provides an atmosphere that causes people to want to stay around long term.  From the front office staff to the clinical staff, everyone at Sullivan Dentistry uses this technique.  Positivity is one of the keys to successful living.  Whether in a practice or in life, a balance of humbleness and confidence is inspiring to you and your surroundings.  Expect the best and get the best.


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