mentoringMentorship is an important aspect in the beginnings of one’s dental career.  There are lessons that can be learned from a mentor, that may not have been taught during one’s education.  Being mentored is about self-analysis.  Look at yourself and search for areas that need growth.   There is not enough time in life to learn from all our mistakes and successes.  The clever ones learn from others.

Dental school offers excellent clinical training.  However, there is a myriad of practice and business skills needed beyond the teachings in school.  The most obvious omission is business training.  The extent of this training usually consists of one or two lectures.  Another major oversight of dental schools is how to effectively communicate with our patients.  Dental school cannot adequately prepare us for every scenario that will be encountered in a private practice.  These skills can be learned at varying rates, depending on your commitment to mastering them.  It will take time and commitment through reading, courses, experience, and/or time to master this.

Mentoring and experience will quickly move a new dentist through the learning curve of practice. This is an ongoing process that needs to be consistently practiced, daily and weekly.  A mentor is like a quarterback.  Instead of calling the plays or telling players what to do, he is down on the field involved in the game. (Coaching and Mentoring)


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