achievingbalanceAchieving the balance between work and life is the goal of many. This does not necessarily mean an equal number of hours, but being able to experience the joys of living. Life is far too hectic and short to miss out on the simple pleasures. Some people get so engrossed with success or the hustle and bustle of work, that they forget to slow down.

Family is extremely important to us at Sullivan Dentistry. We feel that to succeed in life and happiness you must first make time for your family. The staff is given the option of flexible schedules to accomplish this. The employees can choose between getting off earlier or days off. These options are both managed by working longer hours other days or the early morning shift. Our doctors also rotate working Fridays so both can enjoy a long weekend.

Our advice is to allow yourself the time to “stop and smell the roses”. If this time is not
given, you are more likely to be stressed and lack focus. To have the stamina to go the
distance, sometimes you must slow down to avoid getting burnt out. We hope that you take
our advice! Enjoy every moment to the fullest!