What is the million-dollar question? How is it possible for a new dentist to have one million dollars in production in only one year? In the past, I have had numerous associate’s produce over one million in a year, early on in their practice. By this point, I know your wheels are spinning with questions. In this publication, we are going to briefly discuss how this might be attainable for you. Most of these topics have been touched on in our previous newsletters. Grouped together, a successful practice/career is born.

As the popular phrase states, “There is no ‘I’ in team”. There is an importance in showing up and working. It does take a lot of work to reach $1,000,000 but, if you must be at work you might as well be busy. If you think you can have a relaxing day at work with plenty of time to watch the sports center, then you will probably not be able to reach such a goal.

An efficient and educated team is needed to streamline production. From scheduling to cleaning rooms everyone must have clearly defined roles. Great team members are needed in every area, including assistants, hygienists, front office, and insurance. Make sure you treat your team well.
You want your team to feel appreciated. Celebrating goals and milestones can aid in accomplishing this. Set goals with your team and celebrate the wins. An employee that feels appreciated and respected will be happier. Most of the patient’s time is spent with the staff rather than the doctor. A competent and
personable team is truly invaluable.

The patient’s overall experience combined with an adequate patient flow is crucial to a practice and pertinent in reaching a goal of one million dollars in production. Every team member influences the patient. Positive dental experiences will cause the patient to be more likely to choose the treatment
they need. This also aids in the referral of new patients, which insures opportunities for a full schedule.

Build a strong team and streamline your practice. Take a lesson from us at Sullivan Dentistry and use these tips. Make this your best year yet. Producing one million in only one year is possible for anyone!

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