Are You Listening?

An important aspect to a practice is an open line of communication.  There is a greater opportunity of obtaining success when there is a clear understanding between patients and staff.  As stated by Stephen Covey, “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.”  Are we truly listening… really listening?

An open-door policy is an important aspect of communication.  We desire that the staff feel comfortable enough to come to us with any worries they might have.  Whether that means bringing an issue to a doctor or team leader, everyone should feel comfortable expressing concerns.  Keeping our problems inward tends to lead to unnecessary stress and can make for an uncomfortable work environment.  With the open-door concept, we can discuss the problem and work together to find a solution that is satisfying for everyone.

At Sullivan Dentistry, we have different techniques that we practice for communication.  There are monthly meetings that are held between the team leaders and each department; hygienists, assistants, front office, and doctors.  We feel that meetings within the practice are important in providing an environment to discuss any questions or concerns.  Quarterly meetings are also held in which general office goals and topics are addressed with all staff members.  Also, each employee has an earpiece that allow us to communicate with each other wirelessly and instantly, along with multiple phones that allow us to connect internally.

An uplifting work environment is significant to success.  A happy employee will perform more efficient, which in turn betters the practice.  Without communication, this would be nearly impossible.  Keep the communication lines open, in all parts of the practice.  Take the time to listen attentively.  Each team member is important to growth, and it is crucial that they feel valued.  Implementing these techniques not only keeps the lines of communication open, but it helps create a successful business.


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