Ponder this a moment… How would one get to know you if they did not first know your name?  In a business sense, this topic correlates with marketing.  Marketing is a crucial aspect to any practice.  It is our responsibility to put our name out in the community.  If we do not tell them our name, they will not know.

Marketing is a huge reason for the success of Sullivan Dentistry.  This may seem like an added cost to some.  However, the return is a well worth expense.  Our marketing director, Sara Boyd makes every effort necessary to effectively spread Sullivan Dentistry’s name throughout the community, using her budget wisely.

From gifts to commercials, Sullivan Dentistry is well known in West Tennessee and Kentucky.  Each new patient receives a gift bag of various items with Sullivan Dentistry’s name.  We have an array of merchandise with the Sullivan Dentistry logo.  Every month, there is one day set aside, in which every patient receives a Sullivan Dentistry gift.  Employees, their families, and patients color the town with Sullivan Dentistry tee shirts and other merchandise.

Sullivan Dentistry is actively involved in social Media and post regularly.  Radio and newspaper ads are run periodically, as well as a commercial on a local TV network.  We also love the old fashion “word of mouth” method, which is why we implement our patient appreciation events.  From movie and bowling nights to our annual trunk or treat, these are held quarterly.  Baskets of goodies and breakfast is hand delivered to various businesses weekly, just as a friendly reminder.  We believe that servicing our community is one of the best marketing opportunities.

These are some of the reasons why “Sullivan” is a household name in our area.  The key is to never let people forget your name.  Put yourself out there.  Once this is accomplished, the community will take over from there.  After all, 80-90% of our new patients are from word of mouth, and the real you will keep them coming back.