Sullivan Dentistry is able to provide exceptional care to our patients because of our carefully chosen staff members. Every staff member is dedicated to providing the personal and elite care that patients deserve. We at Sullivan Dentistry believe that when you invest in your team you also empower them. Full time employees are offered dental, medical, competitive wages, holiday/vacation time, bonuses, and flexible hours.

Top Row: Jerrie Carrington, RDH;
Nell Garrigan, RDH;
Dr. Gabe Sullivan, DDS PLC;
Dr. Jerry Sullivan, DDS PC;
Dr. Grant Dillingham, DMD FICOI;
Emily Morris, RDH/RDA;
Rhonda Roach, RDH

Middle Row: Denise Taylor, RDA EFDA;
Betty Henderson, RDA EFDA;
Penny Cunningham, RDA EFDA;
Traci Orr, RDA EFDA;
Emily Orman, RDA;
Lindsey Guhy, RDA EFDA;
Danielle Eaves, RDA

Bottom Row: Priscilla Terrell, Scheduling Coordinator;
Sara Boyd, Marketing Director;
Jacquelyn Moody, New Patient Coordinator;
Alyson Cooper, Insurance Coordinator;
Caela Black, Scheduling Coordinator;
Alyssa Waters, Financial Coordinator

Our office staff aims to make the transition to and from the dentist’s chair as easy as possible for each patient. Accessing insurance benefits and filing claims, making referral appointments, exploring financing options, explaining policies and protocols, and scheduling follow up appointments are some of the tasks they perform.  Our clinical staff administers professional care with a personal touch. Providers establish and maintain relationships with patients, which results in a more positive and comfortable experience for everyone. Our practice has a steady flow of patients each day and creates a fast paced work environment. The entire team works in synergy to keep daily operations running smoothly and effectively coordinate patient care.