Obion County, Tennessee

Obion County is the thriving agricultural hub and ultimate outdoors-man’s backyard of West Tennessee. Union City is one of the most populated towns in Northwest Tennessee and was designated Obion County’s micropolitan area by the U.S. Census. Sullivan Dentistry is located in Union City on East Reelfoot Avenue among Baptist Memorial Healthcare facilities and the Obion County Library.

Sullivan Dentistry is proud to be a leading provider in West Tennessee with clientele throughout the region. Patients who live in smaller communities in our surrounding area do not have dental care facilities readily available and commute to our office to receive treatment.

Union City possesses all the romantic elements of rural life in tandem with the benefits of a town that’s on the cusp of growth and positive change. The combination results in a lifestyle that’s both comfortable and unique.

Moving to Union City means joining a culture of diverse, dynamic people who are happy to get to know you. Raising a family in Union City means engaging in a tight-knit school system with qualified instructors and character building extra-curricular activities at institutions that put their students first.

Our community is rich with deep rooted tradition and history, but is quick to welcome new people of every kind with respect and southern hospitality.


The 15,000 acre lake was created by a series of violent earthquakes in 1811-1812 that caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards for a short period of time.


Union City is 140 miles North of Memphis and 175 miles West of Nashville.



Penny Hill Shoppe

Higher Ground Coffee


Hops & Barley

Moustos Pasta & Grill


The Chocolate Bunny

O’Neals Country Store

Calla Lily

Five Seasons

Final Flight Outfitters


Discovery Park

Obion County Fair

Reelfoot Lake

Veteran’s Park

White Squirrel Winery