1032016“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou


A key element in measuring the success of a practice is the patients within.  The first impression a patient has when they walk through the door is carried with them until they exit.  The goal is for the patients to feel welcome and comfortable, but also give them an experience they will relay to others.  There is no one part to our patient process that is more important than another.  All of the parts work synergistically to give our patients a 5 star experience.

Sullivan Dentistry has a large patient base of approximately 15,000 active patients.  An average of eighty patients are being seen per day, 300-400 per week.  With an estimated 175 new patients per month, with 210 being the highest record to date.  We always welcome new patients with open arms.  A successful practice cannot thrive on existing patients alone; because patients will move, leave the practice, or even pass away.

The “new patient experience” is a main factor in the growth at Sullivan Dentistry.  Patients will drive as far as 2-3 hours to come see us.  Listed below are some of the topics that are incorporated in the process.  Much of this is learned through the continual investment in our team, trained by the Scheduling Institute.

  • New patients are greeted with a smile, a choice of coffee/tea/water, a new patient tour, and a special gift.
  • Before addressing their dental concerns, we get to know them by asking a few questions about family, job, home, etc. We feel that it is important to establish this connection in order to build a solid foundation of trust with our patients.
  • “Hand-offs” are incorporated into the patient flow at Sullivan Dentistry. This process starts with the front desk staff escorting the patient to their clinical room and introducing them to the assistant or hygienist.  The clinical employees use this same introductory method when the doctor enters the room.  It is crucial that a staff member is with the patient every step of the way.

The patients at Sullivan Dentistry are part of our family.  The staff truly cares about them and their lives.  They celebrate with them during the good times and cry with them during the bad.  It takes the employees uniting as a team to create a patient centered environment.  At Sullivan Dentistry, we take pride in offering the best services available to our patients, accommodating each patient to the greatest of our ability.